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Lavender and Rosemary Sea Salts

It is easy to wonder what to do with this unique seasoning, but once used you may find it is more useful than unusual, more tasty than tricky, and as versatile as the herb that seasons it. It is made from our dried lavender flowers or dried rosemary and French Grey Sea Salt.

A flavor for meat:
Lavender Salt and Rosemary Salt are delicious accompaniments to most meats. Lamb, chicken, and beef (recently tested at a Farmer's Market event) are delicious when started with a salt rub or finished with a sprinkle. One chef we know likes to use a small pinch of lavender salt on a 1/4 pound salmon steak before cooking.

In any case, keep it on your table. You never know when you are going to need a little salt on your stir fry, in your winter soup, or to help out your morning eggs. Avocado also does well with a little crushed garlic and lavender salt, as do tomatoes. Salad greens love the kiss of this high mineral salt and hearty floral herb.

If it would taste good with rosemary, it is probably good with lavender salt or rosemary salt. Potatoes roast to perfection when lightly coated with olive oil and sprinkled with a layer of lavender or rosemary salt in a roasting pan. At 375 degrees, I just leave the salt on top until about 30 minutes into the cooking, at which point I stir then roast until they melt in my mouth (about 1 hour total).

Not just for the kitchen!
When you are tired of using it for your cooking, why not make a relaxing, soothing bath to ease any and all stresses. It is a good idea to make sure you have more on hand, since a bath may use up a lot of your jar (depending on how strong you make your bath). Try a couple tablespoons to start. Note that these salts will not dissolve completely, and the herbs may clog drains. Make sure you have a drain trap in before you let out the water!

Make the miscellaneous magnificent:
Garlic bread, popcorn, pesto, ratatouille, jambalaya, and putanesco sauce (and maybe even the rim of a margarita glass when ground smaller with mortar and pestle) taste great with lavender salt, while omelet's, casseroles, and sandwiches become provincial treats.

If you would like some sent to you, your friend or loved one then please take a look at our order page.