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Lavender is such a wonderful gift to receive.


What is a Hydrosol ?

Hydrosol is a product of the distillation process. It is the water from the flowers and contains fully emulsified essential oil.

The Lavender Varieties we have are...

  • Grosso
  • Super

We also distill the following crops

  • Rose Geranium
  • Lemon Verbena
  • Lemon Balm
  • Rosemary

We sell the hydrosol in 4 oz. spritzers. These are delightful to keep on a desk or tucked in a purse for instant mood transformations!

  • Larger quantities (up to 55 gallon drums) are available.

What is hydrosol ?
Lavender hydrosol is a product in the distillation of lavender. The flowers are placed in a stainless steel container, the lid is sealed. Steam is then injected into the container. A hole in the lid is connected to a condenser. The condenser is a series of tubes which are surrounded by cold water so that the steam and the oil that are liberated from the lavender condenses into water and essential oil. The oil separates out and is collected for sale as essential oil. The remaining water contains fully emulsified essential oil and is called a hydrosol.

So what do I do with this hydrosol ?

  • Simply spritz yourself- face, hair, body, and clothes.
  • Cool a hot flash.
  • Soothe a sunburn.
  • Clean the air, very good when you are traveling as it acts as an air-borne viricide.
  • Freshen the bathroom
  • Make your own wet wipes- spray on tissue or damp clothe and use. Great for dirty faces, hands and bottoms.
  • Add a splash to white wine or champagne.
  • Spray in the dryer before adding clothes and then directly on the clothes.
  • Spray on clothes during ironing.
  • Spray on cloth napkins and tablecloth.
  • Place bowls of hydrosol with flowers floating in them as a dining table center piece.
  • Spritz you face while stuck in traffic, very calming.

If you would like some sent to you, your friend or loved one then please take a look at our order page.