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Imagine a lavender plant covered with very happy bees!


True Lavender Honey from our farm

For the last several years, we have had bees in our lavender field. They absolutely love lavender. The bees are provided by Matt Beekman, a professional beekeeper. His family (Beekman and Beekman) have been keeping bees since 1947. The bees from the strong hive provided by Matt work the lavender flowers from dawn to dusk. It is quite daunting to enter the field to pick bunches with so many bees around! However, we all know they are much more interested in the lavender than us. They only Jenny with her bee hives in our lavender field.seem to sting if we get in their way returning to the hive. True lavender honey is produced from bees that have collected exclusively from lavender. This is not easy to ensure, although we are lucky in that nothing else seems to be flowering around us to attract the bees away. Our farm is in the middle of tomato country in Solano County.

We have been able to compare our true lavender honey to its counterpart in the Provence region of France. We were delighted to find that ours tasted just about the same, so we do have a pure product. The bees stay for six weeks until the main bulk of the lavender had finished flowering or has been cut. The bees are then moved into the hills to complete their summer work producing Star Thistle Honey.

If you would like some sent to you or your friend or loved one then please take a look at our order page.