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What do I do with this great bunch of lavender?

Fresh: Re-cut the stems and place the bunch in a vase of fresh water. To get the most life and fragrance from the bunch, we recommend changing the water every day. You will notice that the water is a little oily: the stems exude some lavender oil. It is good for the flowers if the water is kept clean! The bunch will last from 7 to 10 days, depending on how many times you change the water and where you place the bunch (direct sunlight will cause them to break down more quickly).

Drying: Many people dry their lavender and tell us that the fragrance lasts for many months. Simply hang the bunch upside-down away from direct sunlight (a great place to hang the lavender is in your closet: the bunch will dry nicely, and it will scent your clothes!). Air movement will ensure a speedy drying time. If you'd like, you can stand the bunch upright once it's dried..